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What can a virtual assistant or remote employee do?

A Virtual Assistant can handle a wide range of tasks, manage emails, schedule appointments, handle social media posting, sales, customer support, research and so much more!

You’re ready to hire a virtual assistant or a remote employee if you’re consistently overwhelmed with tasks that prevent you from focusing on the strategic aspects of your business or simply enjoying your life.  

Our services focus on the sourcing process, efficiently identifying top candidates, saving you valuable time in hiring.


DIY Course

Starter Plan

Professional Plan

Enterprise Plan


Suitable for those with time but limited budget, handling their own sourcing, interviewing, and hiring.

Ideal for finding a general or specialized VA for executive assistance, sales, social media, bookkeeping.

Geared towards hiring high-level remote professionals like HR Directors, Operations Managers, etc.

Perfect for businesses outsourcing entire teams (customer service, chat support, billing, etc.).

Target Countries


Philippines, Latin America, Egypt

Global (+US & Canada)

India, Philippines, Egypt

Special Features

One-hour “copy and paste” hiring process.

12-months replacement warranty (up to 3 times).

Cost-effective fixed rate vs. traditional 10%-20% recruiting cost.

Bypass local labor laws; we manage employment.

Sourcing Fee

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Employee Rates

Starting from $5

Starting from $5

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Your HR | Your Management

Your HR | Your Management

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Yes! You pay what you believe the course is worth to you. We trust our clients to value the content fairly and pay an amount that reflects its impact on their business.

Everything needed to hire the best talent, including instructions for sourcing candidates, writing job descriptions, and conducting interviews. You can just copy and paste the process and get ready to hire the best talent!

Our course is only 1 hour and is designed to be concise and to the point. We don’t include any extra fluff – only the information you need to attract and hire top talent.

We source a wide range of roles, from administrative tasks and bookkeeping to high-level positions like HR Directors and Operations Managers.

We serve a variety of industries, including real estate, consulting, tech, healthcare, finance, education, legal services, and more. 

We can source virtual assistants and remote employees from anywhere in the world including United States and Canada. However, most of our remote employes are sourced from Philippines, Latin America, and Egypt. 

Most candidates we source have excellent English skills, though accents can vary. We prioritize minimal accents for phone-centric roles that require minimal accent, while some technical professionals may have stronger accents without affecting performance. 

Yes, we recommend starting with 20 hours a week to ensure that your virtual assistant can maintain a consistent schedule and focus, rather than juggling multiple clients to fulfill a full 40-hour week.

Yes, with our Professional Plan, we specialize in sourcing high-level professionals, both within and outside the US, tailored to your specific compensation targets.

This plan involves a more comprehensive approach to ensure we match you with candidates of the highest caliber for advanced roles. Despite these enhanced services, our rates remain more cost-effective than typical U.S.-based recruiting fees.

No, you don’t pay a sourcing fee for each team member hired. Instead, you will pay a marked up hourly rate for each employee directly to Outsource Your Tasks. Under this plan, our company plays HR role paying your team, providing an office space with equipment, while you manage your team. 

We offer complimentary replacement and training for any team member who needs to be replaced.

Yes. We offer a dedicated manager for each team that has more than 10 members.

In our Starter and Professional plans, clients manage virtual assistants directly. In the Enterprise plan, we manage HR functions while clients handle day-to-day tasks and virtual assistant management.

We assess market rates based on the role, location, industry standards, and candidate experience and combine this with virtual assistant requested rate to provide you with recommended hourly rate.

 Yes, the rate can be negotiated before hiring.

The process is very simple: start with a call to discuss your role needs, followed by a brief application and payment. We then source and present the top 3 candidates with their Resumes, DISC Profile, and a video recorded interview. You review the results and select the best candidate you want to hire.

The average time from initial order placement is typically within 2-4 weeks, depending on the specific role and requirements.

We rigorously vet candidates, selecting only the top 3% of applicants, ensuring they meet our high standards and have everything needed to work remotely. Out of roughly 100 applicants, we conduct 25 interviews and shortlist the top 3 candidates for your final selection.

Yes. If you’re not satisfied with the candidates we provide and choose not to proceed with hiring, we offer a full refund of your payment (minus the Stripe fee).

If selected candidate doesn’t work out within the first 30 days from the onboarding, we offer a replacement at no additional cost to ensure your satisfaction. 

If selected candidate doesn’t work out within the first 180 days from the onboarding, we offer a replacement at no additional cost to ensure your satisfaction.

Yes. For a monthly fee of $49 or a one-time payment of $499, you get unlimited placements after the initial replacement period for an additional 12 months. 

Unlike many agencies that markup virtual assistant’s rates and underpay their virtual assistants, resulting in frequent turnover, we provide a transparent, one-time fee structure and enable direct virtual assistant management for a more transparent and effective staffing solution. Plus, our flexible plans are designed to align with your business’s evolving growth and adapt to your budget.

Yes, in today’s global employment landscape, many remote employees are adept at working across various time zones.

You can trust the virtual assistant you hire, but it’s important to exercise common sense regarding security. For example, we recommend using secure software like LastPass to ensure safety and confidentiality when sharing sensitive information like passwords.

It depends on your business philosophy. Most business owners use trust-based approach and manage virtual assistant’s performance based on deliverables. However, if you prefer to track time, you can use time tracking tools like,, etc.

You can use various different platforms depending on remote employees’ location. We recommend ( based on the best exchange rate and lowest fees.

We provide you with a short onboarding and management guide to get you started. Once virtual assistant is placed, the ongoing relationship and management of the virtual assistant, tailored to the business requirements, are responsibilities that fall to the employer.

Start by welcoming your virtual assistant or remote employee. Provide clear expectations, work hours, and job responsibilities. Provide necessary training and resources to help your virtual assistant perform their job efficiently.

Training as an essential investment in your new employee. The more effort and guidance you provide at the start, the better and more efficient the results will be in the long run. Tools like can be incredibly helpful; you can record short instructional videos at your convenience. Additionally, you can have your virtual assistants create Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) after each meeting, which not only aids in their learning process but also builds a valuable resource for future reference.

We recommend communicating with your remote employee regularly using a combination of texting apps like WhatsApp, Telegram, or Slack, video calls when needed (especially during the training phase), and using project management platforms like to track KPIs.

Set specific, measurable goals and regularly evaluate their progress towards those goals. Provide constructive feedback and opportunities for growth.

Provide clear, constructive, and timely feedback whether you’re recognize great performance or providing development feedback. Encourage open communication to address any concerns.

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