Our course has everything you need to hire the best talent! From sourcing the best candidates on job boards and social media, to writing killer job descriptions and conducting great interviews. It’s so easy, you can just follow our simple steps and start building your dream team!

Our course is only 1 hour and is designed to be concise and to the point. We don’t include any extra fluff – only the information you need to attract and hire top talent.

Yes, our course has everything you need to get started.

It all depends on a role, but some of our customers reported 50-80 applicants applied after their first job post!

You can apply knowledge from this course to any business and any role. We have happy customers from Airbnb hosts to Hair Salon owners to Medical Practices.

You can hire many different types of Virtual Assistants. From skill specific VAs such as sales, marketing, bookkeeping, or social media management to General VA or an Executive Assistant.

It takes on average from 7 to 14 days for us to source, interview, vet and hire a VA. It may occasionally take longer to find the right person for the job if the skills required are rare or in high demand.

Unlike agencies, we do not train and do not manage your VAs. We believe that the best way to train and manage virtual assistants is through direct collaboration with their employers. We have seen firsthand how successful this approach can be, and we are confident that it is the best way to ensure quality results.

Absolutely! Even though your VA could be 12 hours apart from your time zone the opportunity to work for a US based company with stable pay is very attractive to Virtual Assistants.

Most of the VAs are happy with $5 an hour. Our suggestion is to start your VA at this rate or slightly below, and then raise their pay after a period of time (usually 3 and then 6 months). By offering the potential for growth, you will be motivating them to work harder and be more productive. If the position is sales-based, you could also provide additional bonuses as an extra incentive.

There are many platforms you can use to pay your VA. We recommend paying your VA every two weeks. Do not pay in advance.

We do source part time VAs that start at 20 hours a week. While there are certainly candidates out there who prefer full-time and long-term positions, we’ve found that offering more hours over time is the best way to ensure a VA’s interest in a long-term commitment.

Please, reach out to us so we can evaluate your specific need and an opportunity for a discount

Even if you hire someone local, it takes time to build trust. Sensitive information should not be shared with your virtual assistant, and common sense should be used in all aspects. Many online tools have an administrator option that provides limited access and authorization rights.

We want you to be completely satisfied with your virtual assistant, so if you’re not happy with your initial candidates or VA after hire, we’ll provide a one-time complimentary replacement within 10 days.