Dr. Shama Rathi

Co-Founder, LunaJoy Startup

Highly, highly recommend Anna and her team. After having tried several agencies and doing this myself, Outsource Your Tasks was a breath of fresh of air with their deep operations experience. They don’t just place titles but take time to understand the nuances of what the role requires. We have worked with them for over two years and they have scaled our company to 40+ including placing mid management to oversee a growing team.

Kate Rose

Owner, Kate Rose Realty

Great personalized service and I think a great value for money! Jonel was very attentive and patient, helping me every step of the way. He presented about 7 candidates of which I had a short list of 3 and interviewed them myself as well as receiving the videos. It really made the process of hiring a staff person abroad very doable for me and so far it is working out great! They also helped me onboard my new staff person.

Dr. Jaime Home

Best-Selling Author

Wow! I am new to the VA world, this has been a game changer!! Outsource Your Tasks not only interviewed multiple VAs and allowed me to find the best fit, they walked me through every step of the process. They prepared me for what I should ask, how to onboard once I choose someone, and how to manage the ongoing relationship. They also opened my eyes to things I didn’t think of that will help multiply my success! They have my back for the whole process! I will definitely reach out to them when I am ready to hire more VAs and I confidently recommend their services!

Florence Ropelewski

Owner, Lagence Agency

Wonderful experience with Anna and her team. She found 3 awesome candidates (unicorns!) within my timeframe and I ended up hiring one of the 3 subsequently. Anna was always available, called on the weekend and personally explained the whole process to me patiently and effectively. Highly recommended!

Patricia “Trish” Baker


Outsource Your Tasks is truly exceptional. They skillfully matched me with an outstanding Virtual Assistant who provided invaluable assistance. The entire experience was remarkably straightforward and efficient. I wholeheartedly endorse their service.

Corinn Altomare

Co-Founder, Hearthfire Holdings

What a godsend. I had tried to hire a VA on my own multiple times before, with miserably failed results. Working with Anna and her sourcing services, I now have not only a great virtual team member, but also a better understanding of how we can BOTH be more successful together! Thank you, Anna!

Dr. Zarema Singson

Doctor, Investor

I used them to source my virtual assistant and was thoroughly impressed. Their attention to detail, efficiency, and professionalism ensured a seamless and fruitful match. Highly recommended for anyone seeking top-notch support. Thanks for an effortless experience!

Jason Auvenshine

Land Investor

We hired our first employee with OutsourceYourTasks in late 2022. The process and the employee have worked out extremely well. We wanted someone from Latin America who had excellent communication skills in both English and Spanish, and that’s exactly what we got. Highly recommend!

Igor Aybin

Real Estate Investor

Outsource Your Tasks did an amazing job on helping me scale my business by sourcing great quality remote employees for the fraction of the cost of the US employees. Thank you!

Kyle Putnam

Founder, Fintech Startup

Outsource Your Tasks team is amazing! After just one call describing the kind of help I needed, they found me the perfect match. Everything was taken care of for me and all I had to do was select the VA based on the recorded interview they provided. I even got VA’s DISC profile to make sure it was a great fit for the role. I finally have time to work on my business growth as my VA is handling day-to-day operations that used to take so much time!

Julie Gates

Owner, Sid Was Here Group

I came upon this course when I was at a pivotal time in my business. I was terrified of hiring employees. This course gave me the exact tools I needed to hire all of the staff that I needed. I would have never had the staff that I have now without this wonderful information. I cannot recommend this course highly enough. The information is organized, practical and well explained.

Melissa Jenkins

Real Estate Investor

This course has taken my business to the next level. I now have a team of assistants that feel like family, that do all of the tasks I used to spend countless hours doing myself. The best part: they are self-motivated and can work on their own with minimal supervision, freeing up even more of my time and allowing me to focus on growing my business. Best investment I’ve made in years!

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